Events at Kind Oasis

January 27th: 9-10am, Free Yoga Session with Yoga6

This will be a 60 minute vinyasa flow held in the beautiful space that is Kind Oasis, a locally owned CBD apothecary. In this class you'll be guided through fluid and intentional movement by one of our experienced YogaSix instructors! Be sure to stay after class to check out the delicious CBD gummies, salves, flower and more!

Darkside Coffee will be joining us from 9:45-12 for some fresh and fantastic coffee!


  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to get settled in
  • Bring water and a yoga mat (and any other props you like to use!)
  • You must be 21+ to purchase any CBD, Delta 8 and Delta 9 products

February: 2nd 7:00-8:30pm, Sound Healing with Parisa

Parisa Yoga Shala hosts a bi-monthly sound-bath in our space. This experience is for all-levels, and no prior experience is necessary. We will begin with breathwork to help calm the nervous system and prepare the body for a sound bath. Healing instruments will be played to guide you into a deep, meditative, and mindful state. Sound frequencies are felt physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, making it a vulnerable experience that can be nourishing for the body and mind. We will close with meditation, chanting, and a group reflection.

Please bring a water bottle, yoga mat and other props such as blankets and pillows/bolsters to find comfort. We recommend you dress in layers as the experience can cause a change in body temperature. Individuals who are pregnant or have a pacemaker should consult with a doctor prior to enrolling.

Benefits of Sound Healing:

- Balance your nervous system

- Relieve stress & pain

- Enhance the immune system

- Improve circulation

- Reduce blood pressure

- Improve focus & mental clarity

- Relieve insomnia

- Lessen depression & anxiety

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