About Us

We are a family-run and operated business based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that operates a CBD apothecary, and infusion kitchen for gummies, chocolates and other wellness products. 

The Kind Oasis family includes cannabis-industry leaders, a wellness chef, serial entrepreneurs, and customer care associates who believe in the healing power of cannabis, and spreading kindness. Our team is committed to building Wisconsin's hemp eco-system and source from local farmers, reputable suppliers and adjacent businesses. Ingredients are sourced with exacting standards and 3rd-party tested for consistency, purity, and legal compliance.
Our company is a top tier-private label supplier of gummies for brands across the country. Our mission is to provide quality, affordable, hemp-derived products for those who need it most.
You can visit our wellness and gift store on the East Side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin which was awarded Best CBD Store and Best New Retail Store voted by The Shepherd Express and Milwaukee Magazine.

Spreading Kindness

When you shop with Kind Oasis you help support a growing list of charitable organizations and partners. Thanks for helping us do good!

Next 18

Using the sport of golf as a conduit to provide transformational mental health resources and holistic life resource training to veterans with disabilities and first responders.

Forever Wisconsin

Dedicated to the cause of Marijuana Legalization and Reform in Wisconsin

Lacey's Hope Project

Fighting to end the social justice issues of sex trafficking and drug abuse


Weed for Warriors

A social justice lifestyle brand supporting holistic rehabilitation for veterans through community-based projects, proactive care advocacy, cannabis education and compassion



Simmy Foundation

A mission to increase access to quality mental health services for veterans and their families and to promote effective, non-pharmaceutical alternative treatments.



Just Happy to be Here

Together we can change the way the world views mental illness.


Kind Oasis operates a state-of-the art commercial kitchen where it infuses and packages a variety of Hemp-based cannabinoids including full spectrum CBD, Delta-8, Delta-9 THC, mushrooms, adaptogens, and other functional products. 
If you are looking to purchase Kind Oasis branded items or white label products please contact us here. Or learn more about our wholesale products.