Kind Oasis is Proud to Announce New Delta 8 Extra Strength Gummies

Looking for something a little stronger than your typical Delta 8 gummies? Kind Oasis is pleased to offer our new Delta 8 extra-strength vegan gummies, available in a delicious assortment of sour flavors. These gummies make the perfect addition to our premium-quality Delta 8 line, including the popular Delta 8 vape carts, potent Delta 8 tinctures, and other Delta 8 gummies available in different cannabinoids and flavor combinations.

As our strongest Delta 8 gummies, these new Delta 8 extra strength gummies pack a stronger punch with 50mg of Delta 8 per individual gummy. They’re perfect for use right before bed when you’re ready to wind down, when you’re dealing with distracting discomfort, or when you’re in the company of friends and you want to feel more social. They’re the perfect companion for your next vacation or recreational weekend. 

Superior Standards in Delta 8 Gummy Quality

At Kind Oasis, all of our Delta 8 gummies, including our brand new Delta 8 Extra Strength gummies, are infused with some of the strongest cannabinoid combinations in the marketplace for a real experience. Our gummies are also made vegan-friendly, with natural coloring and flavors. Regardless of what type of CBD or Delta 8 gummy you choose from Kind Oasis, you can rest easy knowing that all of our Delta 8 gummies and created in small batches for meticulous attention to detail, and they go through rigorous third-party testing by ISO-certified labs for even greater quality assurance.

A Trusted Delta 8 Gummy Manufacturer

When it comes to the development, testing, and finishing of our top-shelf CBD products at Kind Oasis, we go the extra mile to ensure premium-quality ingredients, potent cannabinoid combinations, and products that make a big difference in the comfort of our customers. As a proven and reputable Delta 8 gummy manufacturer, Kind Oasis offers the best Delta 8 gummies in the Midwest!

Our wholesale division works with retailers and distributors to match or beat your current pricing, and we specialize in delivering fast fulfillment for orders and exceptional service that’s catered to the needs of your operation. We even offer custom product formulation, as well as custom product flavoring and coloring, so get in touch with Kind Oasis for a CBD and Delta 8 wholesale partner that’s committed to the success of your business!

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